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Contact details

Kuhbrückweg 5
A-6714 Nüziders
Tel. +43 (0) 5552 / 62 035
Fax. +43 (0) 5552 / 62 035 6
e-mail: office@neier-transporte.at
UID-Nr.: ATU 6091 9046

Our vehicle fleet

We put great emphasis on the manufacturers' latest developments. Our entire vehicle fleet has now been changed to EURO 6 EEV and currently numbers 70 vehicle units.

Our use of the latest vehicle technology means we are able to:

  • carry out our transport orders in a way that is as friendly to the environment as possible,
  • keep our transport costs very low for you,
  • complete your transport orders reliably, punctually and without breakdowns!

Our vehicle fleet consists of articulated trucks, container chassis, refrigerated vehicles, jumbo articulated trucks and open articulated trucks.

All of our vehicles are equipped with navigation systems, GPS positioning and the latest software.

Through the use of high quality hazardous goods equipment (ADR), our vehicles are equipped to transport and handle hazardous goods at all times.

In this way our vehicles not only transport our goods reliably to the customer, they also convey a positive image for the transport of goods business.

Our specialist equipment

We bring along our own forklift truck! The use of our two transportable forklifts means we are equipped for all eventualities.